AMZ Web Solutions

Transaction Processing

Improving operational effectiveness in order to increase customer satisfaction levels is high on the agenda of all global corporations. Therefore, streamlining and managing business processes cost effectively is an important priority. To achieve this, organizations must:

-- Automate work-flows and make them more flexible
-- Re-engineer processes
-- Manage data sensitivity and security
-- Improve throughput times

AMZ assists clients in meeting these goals by offering a range of services including back office outsourcing, back office processing, document management, mailroom services and transaction processing services. Our team offers customized end to end back office outsourcing solutions to the Banking Financial Services and Insurance, Telecommunications and Media and Healthcare industries.

AMZ enables clients to meet their objectives by:
-- Digitizing data to facilitate archiving
-- Ensuring accurate and authentic data
-- Ensuring data compatibility across geographically dispersed locations
-- Automated quality control through a proprietary transaction processing engine - Discovery
-- Delivering timely research to meet client-driven deadlines and constraints
-- Consistency in back office processing services through daily audits.