AMZ Web Solutions

Delivering Long-term Perpetuation and Retention

Our services related to implementation and deployment help in meeting the customer requirements of amalgamating the flexible and customised software, which caters to the user friendly aspects of the software.
Our main goal is to provide optimal services for increasing the operation efficiency of our clients. We employ an analytically planned approach to effectively incorporate software into the environment of an organisation or an individual end-user.

Implementation Strategy

 Our strategic insight, technical expertise and professional experience play a pivotal role in identifying the business processes of the customers, their respective information systems. This step acclaims importance, as specific procedures are implied by various technologies right from the very initial stage. This also helps in chalking out pragmatic solutions for the installation of needed solutions.
The ultimate principle of our implementation services is that our provided software are able to flawlessly run in the customer's equipments. After critical testing of the entire software, which need to be installed in the machines of the customer, our team provides the software, including the initial data.

Deployment Methodology

The Deployment services basically include the implementation of new hardware and software in the client's working environment. The important steps included in deployment are:

In case, abrupt problems crop up in the course of deployment, our team members also provide appropriate solutions to minimise the defects.