Customer Care

In a hyper competitive environment, global organizations are striving to:

-- Improve customer service quality
-- Improve customer retention
-- Ensure security of customer data and information
-- Manage customer service expectations and costs

AMZ offers customized and comprehensive customer care solutions to the Banking Financial Services and Insurance, Telecommunications and Media and Healthcare industries.

AMZ delivers:

-- Reduced cost of providing quality care through effective customer care call center solutions
-- Increased customer satisfaction leading to reduced customer churn
-- Increased revenues by better understanding and catering to customer needs
-- Better customer understanding by implementing regular mystery shopping and quality and by providing dedicated quality analysis.

Front-end Office and Mailroom Solutions

-- Mail receipt, mail opening and unstapling (if necessary)
-- Envelope tracking system provides inventory control
-- Document identification and sorting/classification of document
-- Batch code separation and insertion of bar codes
-- High performance scanning of up to 8,000 to 9,000 pages per hour
-- Batch setup and scan feed of batches for document workflow management
-- Optical character recognition and/or intelligent character recognition
-- Rescan of document to handle reject through document workflow management
-- Burning of CD with index data or loading of data to the document imaging system
-- Archival of documents in CD format

Data Conversion

-- Workflow enabled image management
-- Optical character recognition and intelligent character recognition technology
-- Data capture with integrated database validations
-- Customized output generation

Contact Center Solution

-- Contact center
-- Inbound and outbound calls
-- Appointment scheduling and reminders
-- Claims handling
-- Surveys
-- Provides support and/or solutions for contact center challenges
-- 24/7 contact center management and information technology support
-- Cost effectiveness.

Credit Cards


Retail Banking

Property and Casuality

Telecom and Media

General Customer Service Account Administration Account Maintenance Remittance Processing General Enquiries
Fraud Detection Customer Request Processing Account Enquiries Renewals Endorsements Information Requests
Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Refunds Processing Address Change Billing Customer Service
Customer Analytics for Retention, Cross-Selling New Product Offerings Credit Requests Welcome Calls
Statement Request
E-mail Service Support
Correspondence & Fax
Account Management
Technical Support
Customer Retention/Savers