HR Shared Services

In line with AMZ's vision on HR Outsourcing, the mission of HR Shared Services is to provide employees of client organizations with cost-effective, high quality, timely and efficient services. We achieve these multi-dimensional goals by service offerings strengthened by in-house technology, supported successfully by our extensive understanding of Human Resources function. Research suggests the following compelling reasons why companies should consider Shared Services in their HR organizations.

-- Most companies report 21 percent to 80 percent savings by switching their HR delivery mechanism to shared services.
-- HR SSC helps in delivering a consistent service experience to employees with huge reduction in errors even when multiple vendors are involved as is most often the case
-- HR SSC allows to sustain a consistent set of HR practices across an enterprise which are derived and continuously improved on basis of industry benchmarking
-- Enabling HR professionals to focus on strategic support of the organization instead of being bogged down with routine administrative requests provides even more benefits
-- As companies devise human capital management (HCM) strategies to give them a competitive edge in hiring, training and deploying employees to meet business goals, HR shared services has entered an era of increased relevance and value.

Global HR Help Desk

 HR Helpdesk service provides 24X7 HR Support to the employees to answer their day-to-day transactional queries regarding HR processes and administrative rules contextual to the organization.

AMZ offers the following services-

-- Policy based Query resolution - Tracking policies and maintaining the complete information about beneficiaries and managing the vendors involved in service delivery to maintain a seamless integration

-- 24X7 service - Mail based and telephone based helpdesks for quick turnaround times

-- Resource Centre - Provide employees with self help tools and providing an online helpdesk

-- Helpdesk Analytics - Provide metrics and reports to management with detailed helpdesk analytics using metrics like Average Response time, Average resolution time, First Call Resolution Rate etc.

Full & Final Settlement

AMZ provides services to handle process flow once an employee is getting separated from the company. Different process flows are designed depending on contextual organizational situations and for resignation/termination/absconding cases. This involves interfacing and coordinating with employees, payroll vendor, internal HR, finance, fitted to SLAs. Clients experience marked improvement in final settlement timelines though use of SLAs and reverse SLAs which further leads to higher employee satisfaction.

Benefits Management

 Aiming to reduce transactional workload of internal HR managers, AMZ manages administration of benefits policies for its clients. This includes managing different vendors offering services like Company Leased Accommodation (CLA), Company Leased Vehicle (CLV), Expatriate management, Claims management like communication, relocation, travel etc. and aims to improve quality and efficiency of service delivery to the employees.

Vendor Management

 As organizations struggle between multiple vendors who follow different SLAs, service quality offered to the employee suffers. AMZ manages vendors on behalf of the organization and provide a consistent service to the employees. Vendor management along with Employee Helpdesk provides for one of the most powerful offerings leading to improved quality of service and higher employee satisfaction.

Labour Compliance

 AMZ assists companies with various regulatory compliances under the auspices of Professional Tax Act, Shops and Establishment Act, Contract Labour Act, 24X7 Work Approval Act, Labour Welfare Fund Act etc. AMZ has a strong network of retainers to handle state-specific regulations across the whole of India.

HRMS Management

Across various HRMS software's available in the market today; AMZ offers services towards management of data, leave, and time to efficiently manage your employee workforce in real time. This allows clients to automate business processes and eliminate many transactional activities. Client management can employee activities as they happen and make more relevant business decisions.

Survey Management

AMZ offers ease of managing internal/external surveys through a highly customizable in-house survey tool. As HR managers attempt to find employee satisfaction across organizations, we offer survey management service which includes designing questionnaires, hosting and running survey, and collating responses along with generating in-depth analytics reports.